Enhancing Performance and Engagement Through Learning Analytics, Early Intervention Strategies and Innovative Teaching Methods.

Australia is currently going through a boom in higher education enrollments and across all universities an excess of 500,000 students commenced their first year study in the past year. However, high enrollment rates come with high drop out rates – the national average attrition rate for first year students reached 14.84 percent in 2013, highest since 2005.

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Student Retention & Success Summit has been designed to address the concerns in the higher education industry when it comes to retaining students and assisting them successfully. A few of the key areas include:

Enhancing student experience in the First Year to improve engagement early on and to assist students to interact with their academic and social environment to prevent drop outs and encourage success.

Improving the quality of learning and teaching through a student based approach and adaptive curriculum.

Having accessible support units available to students as well as increasing personal communication with students.

Using learning analytics to predict student behavior based on collected data.

As we gather in June to learn from higher education institutes across Australia your attendance at this conference will provide your organisation with the insights required to adapt and stay relevant during the changing market conditions.

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